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point guard Stephen Curry said he provided an immediate stamp of approval when general manager Bob Myers asked about potentially signing center DeMarcus Cousins .

On Wednesday, Sam Amick of USA Today provided comments from the three-time champion about learning Cousins—who agreed to a one-year, $5.3 million contract —was an option for the Dubs.

"I don't think [adding Cousins] was on anybody's radar going into the summer," Curry said. "[Myers] laid out how it happened with DeMarcus' free agency, and the early stages and whatnot, and he was like, 'Hey, if we can sign him, would you like to play with him?' And I said, 'Obviously, hell yeah. That would be amazing.'"

Cousins was putting together a terrific season for the New Orleans Pelicans before suffering a season-ending Achilles injury in January. He averaged 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.6 steals and 1.6 blocks across 48 appearances.

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From negotiating a better rate, to wrangling the important (but not so fun) parts of your freelance business — we combed the 99U archives to find 8 timeless tips to help make you more savvy when selling your work.

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The most important thing someone working in a creative business needs to remember is that it’s still a business. Just because it’s characterized as “creative” doesn’t mean that it should be fundamentally organized or run any differently than those in “serious” fields like financial services and accounting.

And yet, all too often creatives, whether they’re freelancers or managing their own design firms, approach the business aspect of their profession with a sense of trepidation, nonchalance, or both. It could stem from the fact that since creatives make what they produce, they feel it’s a direct reflection of them personally and are more insecure about asking for the full value of the product. In other cases, creatives eyes glaze over when contemplating things like contracts, invoices, and project fees (because none of these are nearly as exciting as taking photos in the African bush or designing a brand’s identity from scratch.)

But creatives need to remember that they are business people whose particular craft is illustration, graphic design, or whatever other art form it may be. Since we make a living from selling – not producing – our work, there is no separating art from commerce. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up 99U’s best money advice for creatives from our past interviews and insights.

Never work for free

There are some people who say that the best way to break into the creative industry is by initially working for free to gain experience. However, others vehemently oppose that idea because they believe it harms a creative’s ability to make a fair income down the road. Texas sign painter Norma Jeanne Maloney weighs in on the debate: “I really have a huge amount of disdain for people who say that an artist can hang their work in a coffee shop, or whatever the business is, in exchange for “exposure,” says Maloney. “That is the biggest cop out for not paying people what they’re worth. In retrospect, when I look back on my career, I wish I would have drawn a harder line in the sand. SWIMWEAR Swimming trunks Iam Knock Off For Sale Cheap Price Reliable Cheap Price RuwdkRjL
Giving your art away for free is a serious trap, because people will say, “You did it for them for free, why aren’t you doing that for me?” If you bank yourself as someone who works for less than nothing, you will never be able to charge what you’re worth.”

“Giving your art away for free is a serious trap.”
Don’t charge less for work that comes easy to you…

When something comes naturally to you, it can seem wrong to charge a large amount of money for it , writes Elizabeth Grace Saunders. The more you do something, the easier it becomes, causing you to think about charging less to, say, design packaging that now takes you two hours to complete rather than the four it took when you were starting out. But don’t discount your skills or experience level when factoring your rate. Something that takes you a short amount of time might be impossible for your clients to create on their own. Plus, many professionals, from doctors to plumbers, are paid certain going rates, regardless of whether their job was easy or difficult. Similarly,youshould be compensated for the value you contribute, rather than by calculating how simple the job is for you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

Seeking Addiction Treatment in Thailand?

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> Addiction and Emotional Immaturity

There is a close link between addiction and emotional immaturity. Those individuals who turn to substance abuse will often do so because they feel unable to deal with their feelings. Alcohol and drugs can provide temporary relief, but ultimately it leads to far bigger problems for the individual. When people escape addiction they will be once again faced with their emotions. In order to find successful in recovery they will need to become better at dealing with their feelings. This means developing emotional sobriety .

The individual who is emotionally immature finds it difficult to deal with their own feelings. This means that they can experience a great deal of suffering in life. Such people will feel a bit uncomfortable in their own skin. It is the opposite of emotional sobriety, the ability of the individual to feel their own feelings .

If people are emotionally immature, they may exhibit some of the following symptoms:

* Such individuals will often find it hard to deal with the normal challenges of life. When they are faced with problems they feel unable to cope. They may have developed a psychological state known as learned helplessness . * Those people who are emotionally immature tend to Cheap Good Selling Discount 2018 pussy bow blouse Yellow amp; Orange N°21 For Sale Buy Authentic Online 7gi9QzX
. This may mean that they have developed some of the stress related health problems such as high blood pressure. * They struggle to develop meaningful relationships with other people. They may appear too needy or a bit overbearing. * Those people who are emotionally immature will tend to have a pessimistic outlook on life. They may see the future as a threatening and hostile place. * This type of person will usually have low self-esteem . This means that they do not value themselves highly so will be willing to accept very little in life as being all they deserve. * They find it almost impossible to live in the present moment. They are either reliving the past or worrying about the future. * They can easily lose their temper at the slightest provocation. When they are dealing with uncomfortable emotions they will tend to take things out on other people. * People who are emotionally immature can have Low Price Sale Online Fashionable Cheap Online Womens Glamazon Muiti Strap Hidden Wired Bikini Top Pour Moi VpTp9v
. This means that they are frequently disappointed. Such and individual can have impossibly high expectations for other people yet low expectations for themselves. * Such individuals can suffer from severe mood swings. This instability of mood can make life a bit uncomfortable. * If people are emotionally immature, they find it much harder to control their own behavior. This means they are more prone to behavioral problems such as substance abuse.

Considering the simulation data, it is intriguing to propose that there is a strong correlation between the predicted flexibility observed in these simulations and the solubility of these molecules. Both cellulose and chitin become insoluble beyond tetrasaccharides. It is proposed that this is resultant from the conformational restriction observed in simulations of single chains. Combined with their extended, flattened shape, this drives the molecules to prefer chain–chain associations. Xylan, although not strongly soluble, can be dispersed as a polymer in water and makes tough gels. Its predicted tendency toward a threefold shape favors hexagonal packing geometries that incorporate water. On the other hand, hyaluronan is highly soluble over a very wide molecular weight range and never forms cuttable solids unless some cross-linking factor is added, which is consistent with the prediction of a highly dynamic chain.

The consequences of gaining a microscopic understanding of these molecules, as attempted here, is undoubtedly important. Cellulose and chitin are among the most ubiquitous macromolecules on the planet, and much biological and industrial activity is centered on their production, modification, and breakdown. Similarly, hyaluronan is a major constituent of the mammalian extracellular matrix and has attracted attention in recent years as a nonimmunogenic pharmaceutical. As such, these results provide crucial new insights into the relationship between polysaccharide structure and function and clarify why such molecules have been selected as major structural molecules during evolution in an environment of liquid water. Furthermore, the importance of the β(1→4) linkage is not restricted to polysaccharides; it is found in a range of glycoproteins and glycolipids, molecules that have been the subject of intense study recently because they are at the center of a wide variety of biological phenomena. Furthermore, extension of these studies to other linkages is now important to gain intuition into water interactions within larger classes of carbohydrates and hence widen the hypotheses set forth here. Such studies will continue to shed light on the diverse functions of glycans within living organisms.

Simulations used an all-atom approach in which the atoms were represented as van der Waals spheres with a partial charge. Bonds were represented using the approach of molecular mechanics and a force field suitably modified for carbohydrates ( Woods et al ., 1995 ). In this representation, torsional terms are calculated from ab initio molecular orbital calculations to which force field parameters are empirically fitted. The force field can then correctly reproduce torsional potentials for α- and β-glycosdic linkages predicted by quantum calculations, using suitable partial atomic charges. In this case, partial charges were precalculated by least squares fitting to quantum mechanical electrostatic potentials, calculated with the HF/6-31G * basis set for neutral sugars and HF/6-31G ** for charged sugars. Such modifications are necessary because the default hydrocarbon-based force field does not take into account electronic interactions, which are due to the presence of ring and glycosidic oxygens in the linkage region of carbohydrates; no additional torsional bias was applied beyond that predicted by ab initio calculations. These interactions, common in carbohydrate molecules, have been termed the exo-anomeric effect to explain the conformational preferences at glycosidic linkages. However, although it is strictly correct to apply such modifications to the underlying carbohydrate force field, these electronic interactions may be weakened or rendered insignificant by the presence of water, as discussed previously ( Almond et al ., 1997 ). Therefore, it is noteworthy that the true origin of conformational preference in aqueous solvated carbohydrate linkages, and thus the so-called exo-anomeric effect may be primarily due to interactions with water molecules, rather than electronic interactions.

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